Steve Sadow and Jewish Latin America

My name is Steve Sadow, and I am professor emeritus of Latin American Literature at Northeastern University in Boston. I am a profoundly curious person. This curiosity is eclectic and shows in everything I do. I am deeply devoted to the promotion of creative thinking and expression in others as well as myself and, in particular, in the writers and artists in Jewish of Latin America.

Among my books dealing with Latin American Jewish literature and art are King David’s Harp: Autobiographical Essays by Jewish Latin American Writers, winner of a National Jewish Book Award and my translations of Mestizo, A Novel and two poetry collections by the Argentine writer Ricardo Feierstein and two books by the Peruvian-American writer Isaac Goldemberg and The Algarrobos Quartet by the Argentine author Mario Goloboff, I also translated UnbrokenFrom Auschwitz to Buenos Aires, the autobiography of Holocaust survivor Charles Papiernik. Recently, I have studied the influence of the Kabbalah in the poetry of Juana Garcia and her son the artist José Luis Fariñas.

I have published over one hundred  and twenty articles in academic journals, book chapters, book reviews, notes, and poetry translations in book form, literary reviews and magazines in the US, England, Ireland, Sweden and Bangladesh. My co-translator for poetry is J.Kates, former president of the American Literary Translators Association.

I curate “A Treasury of Latin American Jewish Arts,” a mega-website that brings together: “Latin American Jewish Art”; “A Voice Among the Multitudes: Latin American Jewish Poetry by 13 poets in Spanish and English translation” with J. Kates as co-translator; “An Anthology of Contemporary Latin American Jewish Literature in Spanish, Portuguese and English”; “Identity and Diversity: 14 Artist’s Books” and “Interviews with 12 Argentine Jewish Writers and Artists.”  www.latinjewisharts.northeastern.eduMost recently, with the Argentine artist Nora Seilicovich, my writing was featured in a multi-cultural art show in exhibitions in Havana, Buenos Aires and New York.

I have also written, in Spanish and English, a set of short stories based on incidents in my life.